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Voldemort as Judas Iscariot (or the other way around) pastel by eus47

Is his attention to the chest of money, as caretaker of the material interests, or the bread of wisdom dipped in the wine of yeasting life exprerience? 
Feeding him this  bread will make him throw the coins he enslaved himself for ( 30 silver-lings -the price for enslaving a man!) back in the temple at the end. So in the end the experience of having sacrificed Christ (= his devine nature) will heal his soul . And for the coins thrown back in the temple a cemmetary for those that are stranger/alien to Jerusalem ( city of sacred fullfilment) will be bought. So for the lesson learned men on the path acquire the ability to lay of their impulses/ motives that are alien/ not of a devine nature when the place themselves before god.

Voldemort as Judas Iskariot or the other way around...  Struggling with Voldemort makes Harry lay of things too, an thus he un-riddles his nature.... to enter the domain unknown to Voldemort: love, the quintessence of the old magic, the modern-day Jerusalem, city of the sacred, sacrificed love..... The entrance is obtained by means of sacrificing his earthly love, to do justice to the demands of his devine nature... witch is at the same time the quintessence of love... although we still have to find out tha part, that's book seven stuff.(I hope)

About OOTP: The Luna in the film is such a nice surprise. Wat an idiot Harry Will be in the next film not to fall for her in stead of the Ginny who in my opinion was very nicely casted for the first film, but is a miscast for the later films.
There are a few things nice about OOTP: The way Grimaultplace 12 looks from the inside, Umbridge's Office, the coaches and theresterals, the ministry's decree's and the way they are hanged on the wall, although that starts to be a littlebit over the top just as the entrance-hall of the ministery. I would have rather seen some more rooms in the department of mysteries. 
It's an enjoyable movie, but it's  a little bit  disappointing how much subtleties of the book are sacrificed to make the movie as adhd-paced as possible. ( is that a word in english: ADHD? (=over-activeness as a mental disorder)
Umbridge only punishes Harry with her quill, for instance. And she is not a moralpreacher.
She is very nicely impersonated in the film, but the scripting of the movie is not well done I think. It does no justice to the book. It does no justice to some of the characters (hermione, the twins, the fighting capacity of the DA inside the ministry.)
The content of OOTP is large enough to make a 3 till 4 hour movie, that could do justice to the book, like this is uncomprehendable for persons that don't know the book, and to much an easy swallow-able mass consumer product.

Well one more picture then: Digesting Doubts pastel by eus47"Digesting Doubts" is the tittle, but . still....looking forward to 21 juli.....
Both picture's are made with Schmincke pastel crayons, and then photographed. They both are part of a serie of illustations to the gospel of John, actually.  I am by no means an artist... but still I like to express myself, and deepen my awareness of things by it.


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I just joint this community. I plan to write a fanfiction post 7 th year. NC-17'ich. 
I am Dutch and not a native speaking English speaker/writer. Anyone any suggestions for/applying as  a beta in a situation like that?

Story is starting 2 1/2 years after the Death of Voldemort, and 1/2 year after an attack/revenge on Harry, Ron, Ginny, Hermione and Molly. Harry was set up to  kill one of the others for the rest to survive. He killed Molly, witch neither Ginny nor He have overcome emotionally. Ginny was very badly wounded and mutilated. Bij accident she killed Ron.
Harry, Hermione, Neville and Luna placed at Hogwarths for further protection against revenge, as assistant teachers/advanced studentsgroup. Ginny, nursed bij Susan Bones, isn't capable of controlling her magic abilities any more( what caused the death of Ron). She started incognito at the london scholl of economics. She can't live in a magical surrounding, and isn't emotionally capable of maintaining contact with Harry. Hermione has a secret: She knows what could have saved them all,and it is something Harry could have known also if he had paid attention to Binns in the lesson on history of magic.
She realizes she can't tell this to Harry, and she is afraid to do it by accident, because it is so much in front of her mind. she sort of avoids him, but so much wants to reach him and help him as well. She finds new purpose in setting up the advanced studies curriculum, witch will start in a few months. And for with she pleaded with Arthur, new minister of magic, and McGonnical, temporaray leading the order of the Phoenix, supervising the aurors departnet, and setting up a new department of reconstruction. She wants to involve more (ex)D.A.members. As an experiment the advanced group starts with a project:  Spell-book Diary's.
Greetings Eugene

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